For my first ever Northside Festival, I wasn’t sure what to be expect. This was mainly due to the fact that the venues were so spread out across Brooklyn, that I feared I wouldn’t be able to make it to as many showcases as I had originally planned on. Truth be told, I didn’t, but … Continue reading THE 9 BEST BANDS WE SAW AT NORTHSIDE 2018


Northside Festival is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this upcoming weekend. The Brooklyn festival is stacked with over 300 artists and 150 speakers on innovation at more than 30 venues across New York’s premiere borough for the arts and community alike. With hundreds of artists, it can feel beyond overwhelming to choose which showcases to catch … Continue reading (Y)OUR MUSIC GUIDE TO NORTHSIDE FESTIVAL 2018

Autumn In This City

New York has experienced one of the most incredible and somewhat troublesome Indian Summers this Autumn. But finally, as a little reminder of what North East fall's have been in years past, today is gloomy. Dark grey clouds shield the sun, yellow leaves fall from white birch trees, and a misting of rain dampens the … Continue reading Autumn In This City

Snail Mail – Coming Of Age

I may be guilty of having used Spotify without truly exploring the increasingly complex app, but at some point over the summer a friend was talking to me about their Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify, to which I curiously responded, “What’s that?” My friend more or less gave me the side eye and said, “Are … Continue reading Snail Mail – Coming Of Age