Album Premiere: Champagne Superchillin’ “Destino!”

A week ago, on September 20, a friend and I confusedly stumbled into what may have been a dry cleaners, brightly lit with white neon lighting overhead and a solitary dark-haired girl sitting at a white table in the back next to a freezer door. She asked us for our I.D.’s. Once she made sure … Continue reading Album Premiere: Champagne Superchillin’ “Destino!”



L.A. WITCH SELF-TITLED Suicide Squeeze Street: 09.08 L.A. Witch = Cherry Glazerr + The Fresh & Only’s + ShitKid Three years of touring and writing a slew of California desert drifter-influenced tracks, and with a nomadic existence to match their style, L.A. Witch have gone from a no-fucks, let’s-just-play music attitude to being signed to … Continue reading L.A. WITCH DEBUT SELF-TITLED

Billboard Debuts Heaters’ Newest Single, Thanksgiving ll

Heaters must have cots, sleeping bags, or some sort of sleeping apparatus set up in a studio somewhere in Michigan, considering that in three years Matterhorn will be the band’s third album released. That’s a lot of studio time and even more dedication. From the anticipated Matterhorn thus far, the quartet shared “Séance” and now, … Continue reading Billboard Debuts Heaters’ Newest Single, Thanksgiving ll

Castle Face Records Drop Dream Machine After a Particularly Ugly Interview – Good Riddance

Underground, independent rock and roll has sort of always been assumed to be this space where counter-culture, artists, and liberal humans alike can come together and share their craft. We assume that we aren't going to be subjected to conservative, racist, sexist undertones in the music or interviews because rock and roll isn't country music, … Continue reading Castle Face Records Drop Dream Machine After a Particularly Ugly Interview – Good Riddance


“The Black Angel’s Death Song” was released by The Velvet Underground in 1967. The cryptic song teeters on the edge of hysteria with the piercing screeches of John Cale‘s electric viola throughout the track. Austin psych rock band The Black Angels are releasing their first full-length album in four years, aptly titled Death Song. The … Continue reading THE BLACK ANGELS – DEATH SONG