AM/PM: Max Pain and the Groovies

Grease is more than a word to the members of Max Pain and the Groovies, it’s a lifestyle. Living greasy started for the quintet back in their old stomping grounds of Salt Lake City, Utah. The band would get together as teens to skate, chase girls, and stumble their way through learning instruments in the … Continue reading AM/PM: Max Pain and the Groovies

Authentically Midwestern: Michigan’s Major Murphy

After a particularly hectic weekend, my interview with Major Murphy was readily approaching. At this point I was exhausted from prior band interviews, a multitude of shows, and sleeping a total of maybe five hours over the course of two nights. When Major Murphy’s label hit me up to push the interview back, I wasn’t … Continue reading Authentically Midwestern: Michigan’s Major Murphy

Album Premiere: Champagne Superchillin’ “Destino!”

A week ago, on September 20, a friend and I confusedly stumbled into what may have been a dry cleaners, brightly lit with white neon lighting overhead and a solitary dark-haired girl sitting at a white table in the back next to a freezer door. She asked us for our I.D.’s. Once she made sure … Continue reading Album Premiere: Champagne Superchillin’ “Destino!”