Authentically Midwestern: Michigan’s Major Murphy

After a particularly hectic weekend, my interview with Major Murphy was readily approaching. At this point I was exhausted from prior band interviews, a multitude of shows, and sleeping a total of maybe five hours over the course of two nights. When Major Murphy’s label hit me up to push the interview back, I wasn’t … Continue reading Authentically Midwestern: Michigan’s Major Murphy

Billboard Debuts Heaters’ Newest Single, Thanksgiving ll

Heaters must have cots, sleeping bags, or some sort of sleeping apparatus set up in a studio somewhere in Michigan, considering that in three years Matterhorn will be the band’s third album released. That’s a lot of studio time and even more dedication. From the anticipated Matterhorn thus far, the quartet shared “Séance” and now, … Continue reading Billboard Debuts Heaters’ Newest Single, Thanksgiving ll