Brain Bagz: Reviving Rockabilly in SLC

Salt Lake City isn't best known for it's music and arts scene. The truth is, people recognize Salt Lake for the massive mormon temple billowing over the bleak, small downtown; not so much for it's bubbling underground sub-culture. There is no denying that Utah is heavily governed by strict, religiously driven legislation and conservative, overbearing … Continue reading Brain Bagz: Reviving Rockabilly in SLC

Foxygen @ The State Room 04.05

Foxygen rose to fame in part due to their incredibly witty and raucous album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic, and in part because of their explosive, theatrical, at times completely fucked-up, dramatic live performances. Thus, I was somewhat anxious and feverishly excited to have the opportunity to see them live … Continue reading Foxygen @ The State Room 04.05

SUPER 78 – Unknown Paintings of Space

Super 78’s debut release, Unknown Paintings of Space, exemplifies how passion can manifest in an ever-growing music community. The group calls Salt Lake City home and are embedded in the local music scene beyond solely playing shows. Super 78’s singer, synth and guitar player, Cesar Reyes, is well-known not only for playing dreamy psych rock, … Continue reading SUPER 78 – Unknown Paintings of Space