L.A. WITCH SELF-TITLED Suicide Squeeze Street: 09.08 L.A. Witch = Cherry Glazerr + The Fresh & Only’s + ShitKid Three years of touring and writing a slew of California desert drifter-influenced tracks, and with a nomadic existence to match their style, L.A. Witch have gone from a no-fucks, let’s-just-play music attitude to being signed to … Continue reading L.A. WITCH DEBUT SELF-TITLED


L.A. Witch Releases Hazy Single “Baby in Blue Jeans”

The last city I called home, prior to moving to Brooklyn, was Salt Lake City. While there I learned that a majority of my new friends had a total obsession with Los Angeles band L.A. Witch, so naturally I wanted to see what all the hype was about. L.A. Witch frequented the SLC music scene … Continue reading L.A. Witch Releases Hazy Single “Baby in Blue Jeans”