Foxygen @ The State Room 04.05

Foxygen rose to fame in part due to their incredibly witty and raucous album, We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic, and in part because of their explosive, theatrical, at times completely fucked-up, dramatic live performances. Thus, I was somewhat anxious and feverishly excited to have the opportunity to see them live … Continue reading Foxygen @ The State Room 04.05

Localized: Hot Vodka

On April 20, SLUG Localized will showcase some of Salt Lake City’s finest: the black-and-blue rock n’ roll of Brain Bagz, the high-energy heroin-psych of Hot Vodka and the pagan, psychedelic stylings of The Season of the Witch. Sponsored by High West Distillery, Uinta Brewing, KRCL 90.9FM and Spilt Ink SLC, this show is 21-plus … Continue reading Localized: Hot Vodka

Nashville Garage Rock Trio Releases New Single, ‘In Your Head,’ As A Big Fuck You To All Exes

Daddy Issues' band name alone says exactly what it needs to. Jenna Mitchell, Jenna Moynihan, and Emily Maxwell are the masterminds behind the satirical title, playing off ridiculous stereotypes about women. The musings of twenty-something year old girls are written simply in the group's grunge driven songs. Daddy Issues' newest single, 'In Your Head,' is … Continue reading Nashville Garage Rock Trio Releases New Single, ‘In Your Head,’ As A Big Fuck You To All Exes


On a scorching mid-October Saturday in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, Cherry Glazerr performed outdoors at a dusty, sun-stricken music festival. Clementine Creevy, Cherry Glazerr’s frontwoman, writhed onstage, expressing her raw presence as a lead singer and guitarist. Her energy seeped through her pores as she bounced confidently on stage howling the lyrics to … Continue reading APOCALIPSTICK & CHERRY GLAZERR’S ARRIVAL TO SLC


Salt Lake City’s Max Pain and the Groovies are the embodiment of the local music scene. They are a constant presence at local venues, always throwing back beers and jamming front row for fellow artists. They have made a name for themselves in the city with their perpetual hard work and by forever being the … Continue reading MAX PAIN AND THE GROOVIES : Ancient Grease

MAX PAIN AND THE GROOVIES : The Grease Moving East

Max Pain and the Groovies have used Salt Lake City as a platform to catapult themselves into a realm of success that they had never envisioned for the band. The band met through skateboarding back in junior high and have been friends ever since. They bonded over their love of pushing wood, drinking cheap beer … Continue reading MAX PAIN AND THE GROOVIES : The Grease Moving East

BRONCHO : Double Vanity

About a year ago, Broncho toured through Nashville. They played a small venue in the northern part of the city, basically nowhere near anything else and out of reach from the hordes of “Nash-Vegas” tourists downtown and just a bit too removed for the craft-beer-sipping hipsters in East Nash. That night, Broncho lit up the … Continue reading BRONCHO : Double Vanity

HOODED FANG : Venus on Edge

Four-piece Hooded Fang—the Toronto-based experimental rock group—are releasing their fourth, full—length album, Venus On Edge, on May 13 of this year. Hooded Fang’s band name alludes to a kind of hair-metal heavy rock group, but they are infinitely cooler and way more contemporary than that. Hooded Fang draw influence on Venus On Edge from a … Continue reading HOODED FANG : Venus on Edge

QUILT : Plaza Quilt members Anna Fox Rochinski and Shane Butler met at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. In both Allston and Jamaica Plain, where Quilt are from, the music scene that bubbles underground in college students’ basements is very DIY. The ambitious hipster and scene kids that create this bustling, vivacious … Continue reading QUILT : Plaza