AM/PM: Max Pain and the Groovies

Grease is more than a word to the members of Max Pain and the Groovies, it’s a lifestyle. Living greasy started for the quintet back in their old stomping grounds of Salt Lake City, Utah. The band would get together as teens to skate, chase girls, and stumble their way through learning instruments in the hopes of one day spending their lives touring, traveling, and skating together. Eventually they’d grow into spending their nights chugging beer, hosting house shows and wrestling matches in their garage, all while honing in on the psychedelic, garage sound that would define Max Pain and the Groovies. They even named their 2016 sophomore album Ancient Grease.

Shane Preece (guitar), Kallan Campbell (bass), David Johnson (vocals/keys), Troy Coughlin (drums), and Dallin Smith (guitar) make up the raw, skateboarding fivesome that now calls New York City their home. Over the years, Max Pain accomplished a majority of their creative goals from their home state of Utah. They started to spend a number of months out of the year touring, while being one of the buzziest bands in all of Salt Lake. Their hometown success had seemingly reached its peak.

On one fateful national tour, the group broke down in Bushwick, Brooklyn. As they watched their bus set aflame, they thought, well this is it, better look for jobs and apartments in Brooklyn. Even though the bus eventually started back up and the group set back out on the road to home, New York was heavy on their minds. Shortly after that they packed up and moved everything, two of the guys on their motorcycles and the rest crammed in their tour bus.

Once the band collectively moved to Brooklyn, they immediately started booking shows and setting roots in their new home. To this day, all five of the members call their band house home. They jam together in the basement, run a screen printing company out of their backyard, and work on their motorcycles out front on the street.

The sense of togetherness runs deep in Max Pain and the Groovies. If anything, their upcoming EP will be a testament to the growth each of them has done individually and the growth they have undergone as a unit.

We spent the day with Max Pain to get the inside scoop on their new music and what’s up with their many side projects and interests. We also picked up beer at their local bodega to find out who would drink the warm beer in the keg out back. No surprise to us, it was David.

Read interview at Pond Mag

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