For my first ever Northside Festival, I wasn’t sure what to be expect. This was mainly due to the fact that the venues were so spread out across Brooklyn, that I feared I wouldn’t be able to make it to as many showcases as I had originally planned on. Truth be told, I didn’t, but I did manage to make it to more than I could count on my two hands, so I’ll consider that a feat within itself.

Northside, a Brooklyn festival built on similar ideals to that of SXSW, five days’ worth of music, innovation, and networking, was just as much of a success as it was a whirlwind. For Northside’s ten year anniversary, the festival boasted a slew of noteworthy local acts, and far less household names than that of years past. I imagine that’s due to dwindling numbers of festival-goers, since Williamsburg’s gentrification has all but wiped out a majority of the venues that the neighborhood once boasted. This year venues were scattered among Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint; not always a quick train rides between locations.

There were a couple of bands that played more than one showcase at Northside, but most had fairly mellow schedules of one or two showcases, a definite difference between Northside and SXSW. Of all the acts I caught this year, nine undeniably stood out under the New York City skyline. Below I cover what made their sets so unforgettable.

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