If you had to be locked in a record store for hours, maybe days on end, you’d want it to be with Philip Frobos of Omni. Frobos is much more than a bassist, lyricist, and punk inspired vocalist. The singer and bassist of Omni is something of a sponge for knowledgeability across a slew of styles of music. Name an obscure New Wave performance from the late 70’s and he’ll tell you the venue, the setlist, and some little known fact about the band’s eating habits that day. Ok, maybe not that last bit, but you get the picture. Frobos knows music.

Omni itself is a testament to Frobos’ and guitarist’s, Frankie Broyles, obsession with underground music from decades past. The two had shared the stage for years in separate bands, touring together and living together, before joining forces to create Omni. The trio are completed by the newest addition, drummer Chris Yonker.

Frobos’ partially monotone voice coupled with Broyles’ skilled, wiry guitar create a pit of tension. The sound is hardly ever rounded out, but if you are familiar with Omni, you’re well aware that they aren’t necessarily looking to fall in line with popular music trends. The authenticity of the trio makes the punchy chords and anxiety ridden basslines all the more digestible. Frobos attributes their sound to that of the New Wave genre, and it’s undeniably true, especially up close and in person.

Atlanta’s Omni released a 7-inch on Chunklet Industries this past April. With the continued help of Nathaniel Higgins during the recording process, Omni feverishly captures the depth of their influences in bold tracks that shine more direct than ever before.

As Frobos stood directly above me on stage and sang, “I heard a myth about you / One I wanted to, to be true,” I came to the conclusion that any myth I had heard about Omni they had shattered, and then proceeded to exceed my expectations.

Read our interview with Omni at Atwood Magazine

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