In a room full of mirrors, each of the three members of Las Rosas would reflect and exemplify a part of each other that is crucial to the success of the band. The Brooklyn based trio understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses on and off stage. In large part due to the length of time they’ve played music together, but also solely because of an obvious amount of mutual respect and adoration. Their bond is undeniable through the lush, warm tones in their music, but also upon meeting Jose Boyer, front-person and guitarist of Las Rosas, that bond spills over into the amount of credit he attributes to his bandmates, bassist Jose Aybar and drummer Christopher Lauderdale. This is truly a collaborative effort.

Las Rosas’ aura is downright cool. This is a band that takes style and persona seriously. Take their live show for example, expect a performance equipped with glitter, printed pants, satin shirts, and a flare for the refined side of rock and roll. Their music is no different. Las Rosas are edging away from lo-fi and stamping their foot on the centerfold of polished punk rock.

Shadow By Your Side is a testament to the changes Las Rosas have undergone since their debut release, Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want. Boyer discovered the formula to create something purposeful, both in his music and within himself. The proof? In each track of the melodic, groovy sophomore record. Las Rosas formed a fully recognized creative theme under a deadline, which hardly sounds rushed while weaving through punchy basslines, clever lyricism, and jangly guitars.

Atwood Magazine had the opportunity to meet Boyer in Washington Square Park on an absolutely stunning Spring day immediately after he deboarded a plane flying from North Carolina. We found Boyer shielded from the sun, positioned under a tree on a park bench, quietly reading a book. Somehow we forgot to ask which one, but instead, examined people’s perception of art’s worth, his new album, and why it was necessary for him to transition from Austin to Brooklyn.

Read the interview with Jose Boyer of Las Rosas at Atwood Magazine

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