Authentically Midwestern: Michigan’s Major Murphy

After a particularly hectic weekend, my interview with Major Murphy was readily approaching. At this point I was exhausted from prior band interviews, a multitude of shows, and sleeping a total of maybe five hours over the course of two nights. When Major Murphy’s label hit me up to push the interview back, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep my eyes open for the additional hour.

I dragged myself to the L train, riding towards Williamsburg. I walked out onto McCarren Park on a particularly beautiful Brooklyn day. The air was warm, the sun was beaming bright in the clear sky, and due to it being a Sunday, the park was bustling with city residents soaking up one of the first nice days of Spring. Upon arriving at the meeting spot I was greeted by Ben, Major Murphy’s label person. A fairly large group of people surrounding Ben were sprawled out on blankets, chatting and enjoying the fantastic weather. I wasn’t exactly sure if the band was even there yet. We made small talk for a few minutes before Jacki Warren and Jacob Bullard of Major Murphy descended on the group with their adorable, blonde toddler in tow. Brian Voortman, aka Bud, Major Murphy’s drummer, had been mingling among the crowd and popped up to join us. It felt like a perfectly normal Sunday afternoon in the park. It was just like any other day hanging out with my very own friends, except, I happened to know none of these people. Immediately, I felt rejuvenated.

That’s the thing about Major Murphy, and maybe this is true of their Midwestern nature, but being with them felt something like home. They were a little awkward, at times nervous, but humble and personable. I genuinely enjoyed being around them. Their presence was no less inviting than their music.

Major Murphy’s debut album, “No. 1,” was released on March 30th, 2018. The record is a culmination of tracks from their early EP days to now. Each song presents its own journey through eras past and present. At times, a clear 60’s influence rears its head with garage pop melodies at the forefront, while at others, I feel like I could be listening to Tennis’ ‘Yours Conditionally.’ Major Murphy exists in a modern era, with the acute presence of the past ever emerging in their utterly nostalgic music. The rich textures on “No. 1” are met with lush bass lines and dreamily crafted lyricism.

We had the opportunity to sit with Major Murphy and discuss their debut album, how family life has affected touring, and how The Beatles play an ever-present role in their music.

Read the interview at Pond Mag now!

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