In a world of excess, think of Stuyedeyed as the music which serves as the antithesis to that. Stuyedeyed are a quartet that, unlike most, have members that can boast Brooklyn as their hometown, born and raised. Nelson Hernandez-Espinal, front person and one of two guitarist of Stuyedeyed, has been inspired and enraged by watching New York City undergo a number of troubling changes throughout the years. Having been born out of Section 8 projects in Bed-Stuy, he has seen humanity get lost in gentrification and decadence.

Stuyedeyed are a product of their environment. The music is something that is meant to be heard; heard in a way in which you are present, heard in a way that forcibly removes you from your comfort zone. The band are actively capturing listeners attention with dizzying drum beats, raging guitars, and lyrics to match their feelings on political and social discourse. Their fuzzy, psychedelic sounds are echoed by NYC’s garage and punk underground; the DIY scene that birthed the band.

If you have an opportunity to see Stuyedeyed live, do it. The band puts on a performance that is unlike any other. The live act consists of howling, maniacal laughter, and theatrics. Nelson Hernandez-Espinal doesn’t miss an opportunity to dive into the crowd, while swinging his curls and guitar in a fury, the drummer, Luis Ruelas, is most likely shirtless, sporting only his tattoos and jeans, with Humberto Genao on bass and George Ramirez on guitar.

Nelson is passionate, about not only music, but about everything he puts his energies into. His feelings on music and the platform he is granted as a result of it, especially because of the crowd he so often plays his music to, is one that is hopeful, realistic, and humble. He doesn’t believe he reads enough. He doesn’t believe he has the best vocabulary. Although, upon meeting Nelson, we found that to be absolutely on the contrary. He is well-versed in social and political issues that a majority of us are not. He spoke eloquently and with fire beyond his eyes. What we learned about Brooklyn in this interview, was more than what we ever could’ve imagined.

Atwood Magazine had an opportunity to sit with Stuyedeyed’s Nelson Hernandez-Espinalin Brooklyn’s Maria Hernandez Park. As soon as we met on the park bench he said, “I don’t want to talk about bullshit, so let’s go there.” Well, we went there.

Continue reading my interview with Nelson of Stuyedeyed at Atwood Magazine


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