Honduras have truly been a staple of Brooklyn’s DIY scene for more than half of a decade. The quartet embodies the punk anthems that dominated New York’s sub-culture of decades past, while still embellishing their own unique sound that is contingent of today’s generation.

Pat Phillips and Tyson Moore split their time as Honduras’ vocalists and guitarists, with Josh Wehle on drums, and Paul Lizarraga on bass. Honduras’ vocals have an air of disinterest, a replica of authentic punk rockers. Their brand of garage rock is the kind with staying power. This band is still making waves with their new split 7” released via Mind Altar Records. Although both tracks were only meant to ever be demos, they formed into something worth releasing and if you take a listen to “Need the Sun” on YouTube, you’ll quickly realize why.

Honduras have seen their fair share of changes over the years in the city they call home. With the closures of multiple iconic NYC DIY venues, friend’s bands exploding in popularity and new ones entering the scene, the band themselves have undergone their own equitable changes. Atwood had the chance to catch up with Phillips and Moore of Honduras on some of those changes, how the scene and their off-tour jobs at Bushwick venue, Alphaville, have molded them and their music, and what we can expect from the four-piece in the future.

Read the interview at Atwood Magazine


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