Exploring South America’s Underground Indie Music Scene

Outside of the US, it might be hard to keep tabs on other country’s underground, independent music scenes. For one, there are just so many cities in America alone that oftentimes wouldn’t even be on the radar for discovering new music, but under the guise of a small city host some of the best music scenes for independent artists that many have no knowledge of. Secondly, it’s hard to explore what is outside of your immediate landing zone. There’s nothing wrong with sticking with what you know, but broadening your horizons can be undoubtedly beneficial, especially if you are an independent artist yourself. Here at Cascade.FM we decided to make an international music scene guide for you. This week, we’re covering some buzzworthy music scenes in South America.

First, we explore the Chilean city, Santiago. Santiago is Chile’s capital and largest city. The city is surrounded by the Andes Mountains, which gives it quite an astounding elevation, over 1,600 feet above sea level and over 2,000 feet in other parts of the metropolis. Santiago is just around the corner from one of the best stargazing sites in the world, the Atacama Desert, so stargazing is a very important pastime for Chileans. Moreover, Santiago is the cultural epicenter of Chile, which may make it no surprise that the music scene is bustling. What is surprising? Santiago has a booming psychedelic rock scene lying beneath its cosmic surface with bands like Föllakzoid and The Holydrug Couple.

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