Jacob Faber, drummer of Sunflower Bean, has described the Trump administration as a “shit show.” To say the New York City trio’s follow-up album, Twentytwo In Blue, wasn’t influenced by our current political climate would be a massive misstep. Faber, along with bassist/vocalist, Julia Cumming, and guitarist/vocalist, Nick Kivlen, has made an attempt at a far-reaching, mature, sophomore release that does anything but fall short.

The New York natives have all but excluded the Brooklyn bedroom pop musical movement from affecting their guitar rock origins. Sunflower Bean draw influence from a number of contemporary rock acts, like Black Sabbath, The Smiths, and Tame Impala. Drifting through a sea of neo-psychedelia, melded with post punk and tradition metal, the group embodies a slew of sounds that, once were being defined on Human Ceremony, have now fully become recognized on Twentytwo In Blue.

Human Ceremony, Sunflower Bean’s debut album, was released when the group was still only in their teens. Although the album garnered a multitude of praise, the band’s sound had not been entirely developed. The trio had some nostalgia inducing tracks, like “Easier Said,” meshed with child-like, punk outfitted ones, like “2013,” but Twentytwo In Blue proves to be a more defined version, with an undoubtedly more cohesive sound.

Twentytwo In Blue, out 3/23/18 via local NYC Mom + Pop Records and Lucky Number, comes with a collective twenty-second year on earth for all three members of the band. The last few years have been shaped by the band’s relentless touring, both as supporting acts for heavy hitters like DIIV and Foxygen and as headliners. Yes, Sunflower Bean still exudes an air of youth, but the group has truly marked a new era for their sound, one that progresses beyond the realms of what even more seasoned bands can muster up today.

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