Vinyl Made Its Comeback, Is It Here To Stay?

At 8 pm on some Saturday in a gentrified part of your city, there is an apartment bursting with friends, acquaintances, and maybe family. A dinner table is set with candlesticks, plants line the floor and windows of the apartment. People gather around the locally sourced wooden table, are seated on the lush, leather couches and chairs, and some congregate around a record player set strategically in the corner of the living room.

Owning a record player is an experience. It’s intimate. It requires your attention. The few people huddled around the record player at the aforementioned dinner party are combing through the record collection. They are reminiscing about their favorite LPs or gawking over rare releases they come across while they finger through their friends’ records. The act of picking out a vinyl record, taking it from its sleeve, placing it on the turntable, and then dropping the needle to meet the surface of the record is satisfying, even in this era of immediacy and convenience.

Vinyl has made a comeback. In a little more than a decade, sales have steadily been increasing, without any indicators of it letting up. What looked like it would be a fad among wanna-be trendy hipsters and true audiophiles, has proven to be a lasting movement. Like a number of the trends millennials have graced us with, this one seems to be a permanent shift in music culture.

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