The Independent Musician’s Cheat Sheet For Social Media

The days of sending demos to big wigs at record labels are long gone. Nowadays, the way to get yourself noticed seems to be all through shameless self promotion on social media. Have you ever wondered how to up your social media game? How to get more views on your YouTube videos? Or how to actually get people to respond to your show event invites on Facebook? If you’ve ever asked yourself those questions, we’ve built you a guide to the dos and don’ts of social media.

Social Media can be used for free advertising and as a free marketing tool. It’s imperative to tap into that resource in today’s era. The problem is, every musician and then some are also trying to use social media to gain more fans, so what you do needs to stand out. There’s more to it than uploading a video and hoping people notice.

Especially when an artist is getting started, it is important to engage with fans on social media. If you’ve got less than a few thousand followers, there’s no reason to not respond to comments or messages as often as possible. Interacting with your followers will make those who support you feel even more inclined to promote your music to friends and coworkers and it’ll allow them to feel connected to you.

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