DIY Venues : What Will Become Of Our Favorite Indie Establishments?

One of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had came from a flimsy flier on a Brooklyn sidewalk. The flier was simple. It boasted one band’s name, a location, date, and time. Upon realizing the show was happening that night, I recruited a friend to join me and we ventured out to the address listed on the flier. The venue was nestled hidden behind a mock freezer door, accompanied by one blonde girl with dark roots checking I.D.’s before entering the mysterious room. Behind the door was a group of eccentrically dressed people, a skinny space for the bar, and a band playing a set that was somewhat out of tune. The music may have not been the best, but the experience was. There is something about shuffling into a crowded room, jammed up against other warm bodies, listening to live music, that really makes you feel alive.

DIY venues have always been a staple in major cities, but what is their fate in the future? With so many having to close their doors due to skyrocketing rent prices, raids conducted by police and fire departments, and an ever growing amount of competition with property development, there is no certainty when it comes to our favorite DIY music spots.

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