Oddnote Releases Their Debut Self-titled Album

Although it may seem nearly impossible, Oddnote is less than a year old. The Nashville newcomers recently released their debut self-titled album mid January. Considering this is Oddnote’s first ever release and their young age, it’s an extremely successful debut.

Oddnote draws obvious influence from the likes of grunge outcasts, Nirvana. At times their sound shifts to an earlier era of Kings Of Leon – also current Nashville natives. The LP is speckled with elements of Buckcherry and can even find it’s footing in bits of psychedelia. The release is both dynamic and fluid.

Lead singer, Arman Asadsangabi, created Oddnote as a way for him to have a method of self expression. He wanted to create something that was as much a nod to the past as it was a preview of what direction music will take in the future. In turn, the band creates a heavy hitting album, equipped with powerful, soulful music that can be felt deep within the layers of one’s own existence.

There is nothing plain about Oddnote’s self-titled debut. The album is big and bold, meant to be heard live or on maximum volume. Armani’s vocals are melodic and catch the rhythm behind the driving riffs of the electric guitar. The drums are polished and well executed. The entire release seems as though it came from a well-seasoned, veteran band. A feat for any young, hungry band.

To hear Oddnote’s album click here or head to their Facebook here! Expect to hear more from them.


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