VIDEO PREMIERE: Eric Anders “Looking Forward to Your Fall” – An Ode to Donald Trump

Over a year ago Donald Trump was inaugurated into the Oval Office, to the dismay of many. His presidency over the last year has brought an uprooting of protests, political and civil unrest within the country, and a rise in hate crimes. America is seeing an unbelievable amount of turmoil plaguing the country. There has been a continued uphill climb in gun violence, frivolous government spending, threats of nuclear warfare, U.S. pulling from the Paris Climate Agreement, just to name a few frightening changes the country has undergone. Singer-songwriter, Eric Anders, re-released “Looking Forward to Your Fall” as his response to the Trump presidency.

With the re-release of “Looking Forward to Your Fall,” Anders created a video in December 2017 to match the anthemic track. The video is an overview of what has happened thus far under Trump’s regime. There is a number of disturbing imagery throughout the piece. Anders showcases snippets of Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush surrounding his sexual assault of women. He plays a news clip from the White Supremacist rally in North Carolina, showing extremely disturbing and violent images, including a shot of the Nazi’s car that plowed into a crowd of people and murdered a woman. He even shows people of color being heckled, kicked out, and mistreated at Trump’s rallies.

Anders’ voice is soothing, yet powerful. The electric guitar crashes down while he brings conviction to the track with the accompaniment of string instruments. Anders sings, “Jim Crow all over again / You’re okay with it all / You don’t care at all / Looking forward to your fall.” A feeling much of the United States can echo.

Watch “Looking Forward to Your Fall” below and keep an eye out for more politically charged tracks from Eric Anders.


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