TODAY’S SONG: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Reimagine Lyrical Structure with French Press

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, also known as Rolling Blackouts C.F., are in ten months deep since the quintet’s release of their March 2017 EP, The French Press. Rolling Blackouts C.F. had merely been a staple of Melbourne’s indie underground with their debut EP, Talk Tight. After gaining some radio-play with the release, they caught the ear of Seattle alt record label, Sub Pop. On Sub Pop, Rolling Blackouts C.F. carefully mastered what became their follow-up EP, 2017’s The French Press (Sub Pop). The first and title track on the EP, “French Press,” facilitates a masterful, jangly tune that surely means business. If it alludes to anything, it’s that this won’t be the last time we hear from Rolling Blackouts C.F.

If you’re a lyrics person, at first listen one might assume “French Press” is a breakup song. We are so inundated with songs strictly about lovers and ex-lovers that it’s a fair assumption. The opening line, “I’m alright / If you asked me / But you never do.” has an air of bitterness, one that permeates the air between two lovers who have lost touch when communicating with one another. He goes on to sing, “And I’ve never felt better / Since I let her go.” Another misleading line to assume the focal point in the track is an ex.

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