Exploring If All the World Were Right by Andrew Reed

If All the World Were Right is Andrew Reed’s fifth studio album. Reed is hardly a fresh face in the music industry. The Asheville resident has not only created his own music, but he has also produced a number of critically acclaimed albums. The question is, does If All the World Were Right hold a candle to young and old musicians alike releasing new music at an inexplicable rate?

The answer to that question is no. If All the World Were Right is an example of a studio release that has the building blocks of a good album, great instrumentalists, successful harmonies, and a cohesive theme, but ultimately the album falls flat.

Reed’s vocals are whiney and presumptuous. The guitar tones are tired and lacking any semblance of creativity. The lyrical content is overly upbeat, yet uninspiring, in an attempt to start the New Year off with a new positive attitude. Unfortunately, it ends up being corny without the endearing qualities that might’ve turned the feeling of the album around.

The inclusion of horn and string instruments is an enigmatic addition to the record for an added jolt of energy, but it’s not enough to fully give the record the life it’s lacking. The sound is full throughout the 13 songs. There aren’t too many spaces where it feels as though the album is lacking something, beyond it lacking interest.

The sixth track on the album, ‘Carolina In the Morning,’ can be heard below. Keep up with Andrew Reed on his website here.




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