In the era of social media, it is not uncommon to follow musicians you admire and the photographers who take their on- and off-stage photographs. A lifestyle photographer with ample talented musician friends, Jenna Putnam often finds herself snapping shots of bands mid-tour or behind the scenes, along with the occasional performance picture. Her film work is gritty, seductive and frequently comprises her musically inclined counterparts, but certainly not always.

Putnam splits her time between L.A. and New York City. The two coastal cities are teeming with artists, musicians and creatives, just like Putnam herself. When Putnam puts down her camera, her alternative method of expelling creativity is by picking up a pen and paper (or maybe in this day and age, it’s merely a laptop) and writing whatever prose fills her mind. Drawing from her inspiration, which is entrenched in her experience jetting from one metropolis to the next, each poem tells a story. Over the years, the poetry and prose began to fill more and more pages, and eventually compiled into enough content to create Putnam’s first poetry book, Hold Still.

Hold Still was published in early autumn via Paradigm Publishing and consists of over 50 poems and short stories. The literature is inspired by sexuality, hate, love, heartbreak and the cities in which she experienced these fleeting moments and feelings within. Her work is undoubtedly influenced by Patti Smith and her punctuation, or lack thereof, can be attributed to the likes of the great war poet ee cummings. Even down to the details of the spacing between words and lines, there is no small component that Putnam overlooks.

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