Autumn In This City

New York has experienced one of the most incredible and somewhat troublesome Indian Summers this Autumn. But finally, as a little reminder of what North East fall’s have been in years past, today is gloomy. Dark grey clouds shield the sun, yellow leaves fall from white birch trees, and a misting of rain dampens the black city road. The weather inspired me to make a playlist that reflects the fall mood change, this pretty dreary day, and the time of the season.

The collection of songs mirror Autumn’s many facets. Some take the form of the violent storms that suddenly pass through our towns, reimagined as chaotic punk songs. Others are melancholy, similar to the feeling of the fleeting summer. With fewer and fewer days boasting warm weather and more time spent huddled indoors escaping the frost bitten cold and hauntingly barren trees, it becomes easy to sink into a somber state of mind. Halloween is but a week away, so naturally, a few songs had to mimic the eery, ghoulish holiday that dominates this time of season.

With Autumn finally upon us, I’m excited to share this playlist with you featuring a number of unique musicians. I hope you enjoy these 33 songs and momentarily forget the icy color of your breath hitting the cold sky.

Listen to Autumn In This City here

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