Pavement defined a generation of lo-fi, underground, indie rock in the early 90’s with nothing short of cult status. They created an entire genre of rock and roll, aptly titled slacker rock, that has made a resurgence on the scene in more recent years. Creator and Pavement’s frontman, Stephen Malkmus, hasn’t let up on his grip of the intelligent underbelly in indie rock. More recently he has begun producing young band’s he sees immense potential in (quite possibly one of the most massive compliments in one’s musical career), and thus, he discovered the Amsterdam-based quartet Canshaker Pi.

Canshaker Pi has released some undoubtedly killer slacker rock tracks, but in no way is that the only sound that they have accomplished in their time as a band. The foursome has endearingly been called “noise haphazardry” by a number of publications, which the band sees as a more fitting genre for themselves. They find their sound to be more eclectic than being merely slacker, but that is something the listener will have to decide for themselves.

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