Watch Cotillon’s Black Sea as it Ripples Through A Longing Love Affair

[photo by Chad Elder at]

Something about the presence of Cotillon’s “Black Sea” creates this unavoidable sense of longing in my bones. It’s as if I’m pining, desperately, somehow drowning beneath the waves for a lover I’m not even sure I have. The richness of “Black Sea,” in all of it’s down tempo glory, is sufficiently coupled with an abstract video co-directed by Sandy Kim and Brian Lee Hughes, starring artist, Ariana Papademetropoulos. I chose sufficiently here because although the song and the video are both undeniably beautiful, there’s a disconnect at times between the song and the video. In particular, there is this very cutesy scene where Ariana skips about in a grassy field, calling her lover over, and while the video is done well, that scene particularly doesn’t fit with the dark and edgy vibe of the heartbreaking love song.

The video itself focuses on a multitude of artistic mediums. One being the obvious, music, another being videography, one being paint while Ariana gracefully strokes a paintbrush to a canvas in her studio, and lastly the other being some level of acting. The feeling is that of young love at times, other times it films more like a documentary. The collaboration between the painter and the musician always looks genuinely organic. It’s the eery music, haunting in the background, curtesy of Jordan Corso (Cotillon) that links each of the individual pieces together.

Fall into the spell of “Black Sea” and watch the video below.


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