Billboard Debuts Heaters’ Newest Single, Thanksgiving ll

Heaters must have cots, sleeping bags, or some sort of sleeping apparatus set up in a studio somewhere in Michigan, considering that in three years Matterhorn will be the band’s third album released. That’s a lot of studio time and even more dedication.

From the anticipated Matterhorn thus far, the quartet shared “Séance” and now, today on August 8th, 2017, Heaters have released the iridescent, psychedelic single, “Thanksgiving ll.” There is a song titled “Thanksgiving l,” which will open the record, but Heaters are going to keep us guessing about the power (or lack thereof) behind that track. For now, we have furious “Thanksgiving ll,” one of their most dynamic songs to date.

“Thanksgiving ll” is filled with empty spaces that hollow out the background of the fuzzed out guitars and clashing drums to leave the precise amount of room needed for a purely energetic, highly focused, psychedelic track. The song embeds on a journey through another galaxy, that is both enticing and exclusive. The instruments echo and mirror one another in a tripped out masterpiece. Heaters have chosen to swell and engulf the room on this one. The baseline swallows the room whole, while singer-guitarist Nolan Krebs melodically coos in the background, leaving way for the sound to grow into larger than life force.

Matterhorn will be out on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records on October 20. Heaters have grown into something so expansive, so unforgiving that it would be a shame to miss this release. The new single, “Thanksgiving ll,” and a link to pre-orders is available below.


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