L.A. Witch Releases Hazy Single “Baby in Blue Jeans”

The last city I called home, prior to moving to Brooklyn, was Salt Lake City. While there I learned that a majority of my new friends had a total obsession with Los Angeles band L.A. Witch, so naturally I wanted to see what all the hype was about. L.A. Witch frequented the SLC music scene and it wasn’t long before I had the opportunity to check them out at local venue, Urban Lounge.

The trio sulked onto stage, looking like some of the coolest girls I had ever seen in my life. There was a lot of wild hair, a natural sense of their musicianship (even if one of the drunk dudes from an opening band jumped on stage and stuck an iPhone camera in their faces), and mumbly, haunting vocals projecting from singer, Sade Sanchez’s, lips. The crowd was entranced, swaying in perfect unison with the brooding, psychedelic music. I understood why everyone around me was so sold on this band. In fact, I was sold. Each simple lyric filled me with a deep infatuation for both the songs and the members in the group.

L.A. Witch are releasing their debut self-titled album via Suicide Squeeze come September 8th. Just as I had begun imagining how their NYC performance would sound and how the surfy, lo-fi songs would pan out in the studio, they released a brand new single, “Baby in Blue Jeans.” I’ve almost undoubtedly heard this song live. The familiarity took me back for a moment. It took me to that night in Salt Lake City, surrounded by other hypnotized fans, all dressed in black, avoiding the smoking patio with half burnt out Christmas lights and miraculously staying inside for a whole set. It felt something like I had fallen asleep to this track, dreamt of it in some dark and deep nightmare many nights past.

A jangly guitar permeates my ear drums as I catch the hiss of Sanchez’s voice, “Baby in blue jeans, I never thought I’d be so alive.” Irita Pai on bass and Ellie English on drums sew together the remaining fuzzy elements of the song, setting the lax pace throughout. “Baby in Blue Jeans” feels like a constant build up – a build up to the remaining songs on the album, a build up to keep me eagerly waiting for that explosive moment when I can just let it all go. I’m not totally sure why I kept waiting for it, but the song never spills over, it never gets overly excited. Instead, just like seeing the trio on stage, the song remains feverishly cool, oozing a bored nonchalance that few people in LA ever actually achieve, even though they’ve all been trying to for all these years.

L.A. Witch are hitting the road just prior to the release of their new album. Their first show is a hometown one in LA for their album release, followed by a month long jaunt in Europe, and then back to the states in October to finish a national trek for the rest of us uncool shumcks to be blessed with the opportunity to oogle and fawn over them. Official audio of “Baby in Blue Jeans” via Suicide Squeeze Records below – don’t miss out on L.A. Witch in your hometown this fall.


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