Today’s Song : Imagining Our New Year’s Eve Kiss Mid-Summer To Billy Changer’s “New Years Dreams”

Tragically submissive and optimally off cuff, Billy Changer has shown a near mastery in their knack for not fitting a specific niche. This time around are Billy Changer changing their tune, without losing any of their quirky charm? Three new singles have dropped from the Lolipop/Burger Records artists, all of which show a potential for a very adhesive, naturally flowing album — something unique from their albums released in the past.

Simplicity doesn’t always equate to pleasurable artistic material. Simplicity can remove the complexity of the work and stifle an ever expansive musical experience. Yet, simplicity has made Billy Changer’s songs ever the more pleasing, while the complexity of the albums can either add confusion or showcase Billy Changer’s many unique musical influences.

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