Castle Face Records Drop Dream Machine After a Particularly Ugly Interview – Good Riddance

Underground, independent rock and roll has sort of always been assumed to be this space where counter-culture, artists, and liberal humans alike can come together and share their craft. We assume that we aren’t going to be subjected to conservative, racist, sexist undertones in the music or interviews because rock and roll isn’t country music, right? Maybe we are ignorant to think that in the rock and roll community we’re completely shielded from any of that. Maybe that’s why Matthew and Doris Melton‘s interview with Still In Rock comes as such a shock to the independent music community.

First off, I’d like to applaud Castle Face Records and John Dwyer, co-founder and member of Thee Oh Sees, for publicly dropping Dream Machine and fiercely opposing any of the obscene social stances the band echoed in their interview. Although Dream Machine produced a whimsical, dreamy record equipped with organs and psychedelic melodies, they have proven to be elitist, sexist, and borderline racist.

If you haven’t read the interview, let me break down some of the most horrifying quotes from both Matthew and Doris. When pressed about their performance at 2017’s SXSW music festival amidst the controversy due to the threats made by the festival that international bands playing unauthorized gigs will be deported, Matthew responded by stating, “playing a big festival in the United States of America is a great opportunity and a privilege and it’s understandable why they wouldn’t want international acts diluting their draw by playing unauthorized shows. That’s part of what they agree to to be able to come and play in the first place so if they break the rules then I see deportation as a fair and just consequence. It’s just a threat anyways, instead of throwing a temper tantrum and acting as if they are entitled to come to the United States and do exactly as they please, they should just be cool about it and play unauthorized shows anyway.”

Deportation is an extreme form of punishment for bands playing an unofficial gig at SXSW. Bands from all over, both from America and internationally, play unofficial gigs at South By and this rule disproportionately affects bands from outside of the U.S. Doris goes on to exclaim, “they’re handing out free money to people who come here illegally, but when you want to work hard to become an American citizen to start a family they make it so hard on you, and expensive!” Lets get real, illegal immigrants are not receiving free money. Illegal immigrants don’t just waltz onto U.S. soil and retrieve a life that takes them from rags to riches. If either of these two ever took a look from off of their elitist throne at immigrant communities in this country they would know it to be just the opposite.

As if those statements weren’t mind numbing enough, Doris also argued that women were purely making music to “show men what they’ve got.” Her idiocy is only magnified when she then begs the question, “what happened to the incredible female singers from back in the day with real talent, singing about finding true love and wanting to be a good woman?” Are you seriously saying the only thing women can sing about in our small bubble of femininity is love? And may I assume you are purely speaking about the love a woman has for a man, and that you believe there may be nothing else for a woman to sing about, like say, sexual assault? Ah, never mind, you already covered that when you crudely hissed that horrible feminist bands make up songs about being sexually assaulted. Oh Doris close-minded, and extraordinarily delusional of you to really believe women have to make up sexual assault, when more often than not women silence themselves for fear of being judged, just as you have so despicably done.

Let’s not forget Doris’ remarks on how people in Austin manage to sleep with a new person every week. Dream Machine and their all holiness can take that shit back to the 1950’s. We’re in an era in which men and women alike can choose how many sexual partners they please, because really, who gives a fuck? Obviously these two.

Dream Machine needs to get with the times or maybe keep their shitty opinions to themselves. They can muse and rant over all the ignorant remarks they’ve made all they want at their dinner table, but to say that in an interview is totally tone deaf. Regardless of their music, I won’t miss these two and I most definitely won’t miss having to listen to them bitch about “safe spaces” and cry baby millennials. Dream Machine has proven themselves to be the only ones needing a good cry after this disaster. Good riddance.


10 thoughts on “Castle Face Records Drop Dream Machine After a Particularly Ugly Interview – Good Riddance

  1. Oh boo-hoo. What if she does enjoy singing about those things just as much as feminists enjoy singing about tampons and yeast infections? Shouldn’t you be standing behind her as a feminist? I see a pattern going on with feminists here: they’re only behind you if you hate men, have had at least 2 abortions and you whine about everything being the fault of men. Shouldn’t you be applauding her for being a woman with her own opinion? And how the fuck do you know what she meant by ”singing about being a good woman”? She definitely didn’t mean scrubbing kitchen tiles and cleaning windows because she’s too busy being a talented musician, unlike you – a lame blogger nobody cares about. It’s pretty obvious that feminists are the least supportive of all women, too – otherwise you feminists wouldn’t be whining about it all weekend.


    1. I don’t think you read my piece. First off no one said anything about hating men. That is a preposterous stance people claim to change the subject of what is actually being talked about. Secondly, no one said she couldn’t write about love. The argument was SHE had said that’s what women should be singing about, which is pigeon holing women into one category that is considered acceptable in her mind. A woman should be able to write songs about love, sexual assault, tampons, and whatever she pleases. Her opinion was not in support of all females, therefore she is receiving backlash for her close minded views. More importantly if you say something in an interview, you should expect people to have an opinion about it, especially if you are voicing a negative opinion on anything that doesn’t fit into the tiny scape of what you deem right. Cheers!


      1. Nope, you couldn’t be more wrong. She said ”WHAT HAPPENED to women singing about wanting to find true love?” meaning they don’t sing about it anymore (it’s a thing of the past). Do you think women are just one giant blob with the same opinion? Tell me, why DON’T you support women who want to be housewives? Why DON’T you support women who don’t want to be associated with feminism? Are you really so convinced that feminism is the right decision for ALL women? Isn’t it sexist to imply that a woman criticizing feminism is ” close-minded, and extraordinarily delusional”, just because she has the balls to stand up against you whiny, entitled, rejected feminist witches? That makes her a REAL feminist. What are you talking about? Her opinion was not in support of FEMINISTS. FEMINISTS, NOT ALL WOMEN EVER. The most successful women have denounced the feminist movement so many times. You just revealed your ignorance in your response: ”You don’t support every single opinion every woman has and that’s why she’s receiving backlash”. I don’t think you realize feminists are failing. Women don’t associate with you exactly because of your attitude towards opposing views. Good luck being a truly ignorant and shallow person in life, I guarantee you it won’t get you anywhere. And by the way, she never said all women MUST sing about being good. And by the way, who wants to be a bad person? Aren’t we all striving to be better and better (except feminists, obviously)? If you’re such a strong, independent woman, how come something small like this phases you? Fuck off you hypocrite.


      2. I am not phased, I have written my opinion. Though, you seem awfully phased and awfully upset. Have you not listened to Angel Olsen’s new album, My Woman? What about Tennis’ newest LP? Do those women not sing of true love? God my dear, you are troubled, triggered, and awfully mislead on every point you pathetically sputter.


    2. You are way to offended dude and clearly bored get outta here you close minded fuck … wake up u fucking dick head you are the one whining because u clearly haven’t gotten your dick licked lately so take it out on a blogger “no one cares about” 👌


  2. Wow… I actually tried to take your rant seriously, but I just kept laughing at the idiocy of it. I can’t even decide which ‘point’ you made to discuss. Maybe we could start with your suggestion that they keep their opinions to themselves. Yeah, it’s always difficult to discover that not everyone shares your opinion on things, isn’t it? Or should we begin with your choice of wording regarding their “most horrifying quotes” (do you even understand the definition of the word?) or perhaps your issue with their “obscene social stances”?

    After all, we can’t have a legitimate refugee from a war torn region, who subsequently immigrated to the United States legally, voice any opinions about people who come here illegally, now can we? I guess that somehow makes you uncomfortable. Or perhaps what really makes you uncomfortable is that Matthew and Doris are able to discuss this, and many other political and musical issues cogently, intelligently, and with both passion and concern. That’d be my guess, based on your vapid, illogical, rambling hatespiel. Maybe you’ll grow up someday and understand that reality isn’t always a pretty little watercolor painting on the refrigerator… but I’m not going to hold my breath.


  3. I would like to highlight the fact that the most horrifying part of the interview, that was by far the most tone deaf for me, was Doris’ comments on sexual assault and false feminism. With tens of thousands of rape kits untested in the U.S. every year, sexual assailants continuing to walk free with a slap on the wrist, and minority women being especially susceptible for being silenced or unheard after sexual abuse – I would call these comments nothing short of horrendous. In no way is reality a watercolor, and continuing to silence women is a very sad reality with nothing beautiful about it.


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