“The Black Angel’s Death Song” was released by The Velvet Underground in 1967. The cryptic song teeters on the edge of hysteria with the piercing screeches of John Cale‘s electric viola throughout the track. Austin psych rock band The Black Angels are releasing their first full-length album in four years, aptly titled Death Song. The nod to their influencers, The Velvet Underground, is undoubtedly obvious in the album’s title, but also finds itself mimicking that same sense of hysteria speckled throughout the LP. Death Song is The Black Angel’s attempt to bridge the gap between some of the sugary successes on their last EP and their missteps on Indigo Meadow.

“Currency” is the first track and single released on Death Song, and it isn’t dripping with the same psychedelic reverb, heavy organs and long, spacey guitar solos like songs past. Instead, “Currency” plays like a political anthem to the current POTUS and his cabinet. As the single scolds greed and injustice, it anxiously rips through Alex Maas‘ lyrics, “You print and print the money that you spend / You spend and spend the money that you print / One day it’ll all be over.”

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