Refusing Genres with Methyl Ethel

“We weren’t listening to anything—I can’t believe it,” laughs Jake Webb when asked about what he was listening to on a 16-hour drive from Copenhagen to London. He’s the creative mastermind behind Methyl Ethel, who will be making their first journey to Salt Lake City come April 8. They drove in silence, listening to nothing but one another’s hollow breathing. Nonetheless, it’s easy to imagine that Webb had a lot on his mind. Between being in the middle of a world tour and having just released his second album, Everything Is Forgotten, it’s apparent there is quite a bit to occupy his brain.

Perth, Australia, is home to some incredible musicians, from Tame Impala to The Scientists. Methyl Ethel is climbing the list of Perth bands to make waves in the music scene outside of their secluded Western Australian paradise. Methyl Ethel created one of the dreamiest debut albums last year, Oh Inhuman Spectacle. The band came to the surface like a blossoming rose with the intoxicating album. Webb capitalized on the immediate boom and swiftly released a followup with Everything Is Forgotten. Everything Is Forgotten is the one album to soundtrack the entirety of our North American summer to. These anthems are perfect for breezy drives through deserts or along the coast.

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