Localized: Hot Vodka

On April 20, SLUG Localized will showcase some of Salt Lake City’s finest: the black-and-blue rock n’ roll of Brain Bagz, the high-energy heroin-psych of Hot Vodka and the pagan, psychedelic stylings of The Season of the Witch. Sponsored by High West Distillery, Uinta Brewing, KRCL 90.9FM and Spilt Ink SLC, this show is 21-plus and free—so come out and play.

On Nov. 25, 2015, Hot Vodka took to the stage at Urban Lounge for the very first time. Their friends and formerly local psych favorites Max Pain & The Groovies had asked them to open for their Thanksgiving show. Needless to say, Hot Vodka had only been jamming together for a few months with a string of house shows under their belts, so playing one of the most popular venues in Salt Lake City was quite intimidating. Hot Vodka looked out into the crowd and saw a lot of familiar faces. Friends came out to support the newcomers, which helped ease the boys’ nerves. Since that first show back in 2015, Hot Vodka have gone on to play gigs with Brain Bagz, The Nods and Heavy Dose, among others. Each show proves that the new band is dialing in their sound. After a mini–West Coast tour this past fall, the band felt like they were heading in the right direction for success until just recently, when Durrell Williams, the group’s frontman and guitarist, unexpectedly moved to Seattle.

Read the rest @ Slug Mag

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