Nashville Garage Rock Trio Releases New Single, ‘In Your Head,’ As A Big Fuck You To All Exes

Daddy Issues’ band name alone says exactly what it needs to. Jenna Mitchell, Jenna Moynihan, and Emily Maxwell are the masterminds behind the satirical title, playing off ridiculous stereotypes about women. The musings of twenty-something year old girls are written simply in the group’s grunge driven songs. Daddy Issues’ newest single, ‘In Your Head,’ is no different.

Moynihan opens ‘In Your Head’ by singing “fuck you forever” in the most bored way. She continues to hiss, “I still tell myself that chick with you is an ugly bitch.” This is the break up song of all break up songs. The honesty spewed in the lyrics is undeniably relatable to any piece of shit ex. Lo-fi guitar parts coupled with high pitched, angelic harmonies brings us back to a time when female led 90’s bands had a chance to finally say what they were really feeling.

“In Your Head’ is the first single to be released off Daddy Issues’ newest full length LP, Deep Dream, which will be released on Infinity Cat Records May 19th. Daddy Issues seems to be pretty consistently touring, so check for more info.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies out there. Major shout out to women in the music biz too, it’s no stroll in the park.

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