The Black Angels Release New Single “Currency” In Response To U.S.’s Politically Tumultuous Time

It has been four years since Austin’s The Black Angels have released a full length record. Highly anticipated LP, Death Song, will be out April 21, but first, the psych group tease us with their latest single off of the album, “Currency.” In 2006 The Black Angels introduced us to what would mold the Austin psych scene, their debut LP, “Passover.” The Black Angels have cultivated somewhat of a cult following since their beginning days. They’ve gone on to create a number of successful albums and start what began as Austin Psych Fest and has grown into Levitation Fest to encompass a number of different styles of psychedelia in the festival’s lineup. The band’s four year hiatus had us wondering if any new material would ever be on the horizon. Excitingly enough, that time has come.

Amidst a taxing last year, and what should be a chaotic next four, The Black Angels wrote material directly pertaining to America’s current political disaster. “Currency” is as neurotic as you’d expect coming from a single that paves the way for the basis of their entire new album. The single opens with Alex Maas howling, “Currency carry me everyone whose held hostage. Currency means nothing.” he goes on to sing, “Do you want a stake in us? How you have a stake in us.” The track is deeply rooted in an anti-greed message. Their newest album, which is based in protest, will be more relevant than ever.

The truth is The Black Angels might’ve caught onto something. As hundreds of angry protesters take to the streets and their screens, they will be looking for a battle cry to fuel their fire. If “Currency” proves anything to us, it’s that this album will be both dark and important to the new age ahead of us. Like the band says, “One day it’ll all be over.”


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